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中学英語:現在完了など(2017年7月24日から30日) [すらら]



He is the tallest in his school. Kaoru is the youngest of three girls.
This actor is the most famous in the U.S.A. That picture is the most expensive in the world.
He is the tallest boy in my class. This is the most expensive car in this shop.
To become a doctor is my dream. It is fun to collect old stamps.
My dream is to become a doctor. His hobby is to read books.
I want to drink. I like to play tennis.
To become a flight attendant is my dream. / My dream is to become an animal doctor. / I want to travel around the world.
I want something to drink. I buy something hot to eat.
I'll study hard to become an animal doctor. I'm very glad to hear that.
I like singing. His hobby is collecting stamps.
My room is cleaned everyday by my mother. English is studied by many people.
This new dress was made by her mother. / The letter was written by her. / These papers were cut by Tom.
My mother cleans my room. My room is cleaned by my mother.
I was given this book by Kaoru. / This book was given to me by Kaoru. / She is called Kaoru by us.
My room is not cleaned by my mother. Is your room cleaned by your mother?
How many people were invited to the party? / Who was killed at the party? / How many people were invited to the party?
Look at that swimming girl. Look at that girl swimming in the river.
It's a broken computer. It's a computer made in Japan.
This is your bicycle, isn't it? You aren't a doctor, are you?
You usually ride to school, don't you? She doesn't swim, does she?
I like coffee better than tea. I like coffee the best of all drinks.
Which do you like better, coffee or tea? I like coffee better.
Tom runs as fast as possible. Tom ran as fast as he could.
She is twice as old as Tom. My grandfather is three times as old as Tom.
Mike is one of the tallest boys in his class. Mt. Fuji is one of the most beautiful mountains in Japan.
He is taller than any other boy in his class.
I buy a book to read. / That girl playing the piano is Kaoru. / Playing tennis is her hobby. / I bought a computer made in Japan.
I know what to say. My mother doesn't know how to use this computer.
I want to sing. I enjoy singing.
I will remember to see her tomorrow. I remember seeing her yesterday.
I am too tired to run. / She is young enough to work. / I would like to drink.
I have lost my mobile phone.
I have just finished my homework. She has already had a breakfast.
She has not washed the dishes yet. / Have you finished your homework yet? - Yes, I have. - No, I haven't. / No, not yet.
I have lived here for 6 months. I've known her since 1999.
How long have you lived in New York? - I have lived in New York since last year. / I have not seen them for a long time.
I have got full marks on the test 100 times. / She has often visited the zoo. / I have met her before.
I have been to New York twice. He has gone to New York.
I have never seen the movie. Have you ever played golf?
How often have you met him? - Three times. / How many times have you been to Kyoto? - Never.
Is Kaoru American or Japanese? / You can sit or stand here.
They are Tom and Kaoru. He will go and buy a book at the bookstore.
Kaoru likes to drink tea and to eat cake. / Tom likes watching baseball and he plays baseball.
I like dogs but my mother likes cats.
She has lived in Japan for ten years, so she can speak Japanese well.
I know that your family is loved by everybody.
I'm afraid that I won't be able to speak well.
When I got home, it began to rain.
Before I got home, it began to rain.
I waited until it stopped raining.
If you are hungry, you can eat this.
Because it was cheap, I bought this bicycle.
I know who she is. / I know when she came home. / I know who lives here.
I know the boy who lives here. Can you see the boy who is skating on the lake?
Look at the dog which is running around Tom. He uses a computer which is made in Japan.
Tom is the boy whom I met at the party. Tom is the boy whom Kaoru likes very much.
This is the book which I bought last week. Blackie is eating the bone which Tom gave to him.
Susan is the girl that lives near my house. Blackie is eating the bone that Tom gave to him.
Look at the dog that is running. Look at the dogs that are running.
Tom is the boy Kaoru likes very much.
Kaoru is the girl whose hobby is bird watching.
I met the boy whose name I don't know.
He is the boy who came to Tom's house last night.
Kaoru is the girl who came to America last year.
Why don't you play tennis? How about playing tennis?
How many friends do you have? / How much is it? / How many people live there?
I'll give you some of these flowers. Some of this meat is bad.
She gave him something. Somebody called my name.
I don't have any money. Did you read any these books?
Did she give him anything? I didn't see anybody in the park.
I have no money. / I have nothing now. / I saw nobody.
This computer is old, and I must buy a new one.
Did you do it yourself? He saw himself in the mirror.
That Kaoru lived in Japan is true.
It is true that Kaoru lived in Japan.
It is very important to learn about computers.
Kaoru is the girl who came from Japan last year.
Though I am poor, I am happy. She speaks as if she is singing.


・イコールのbe 「主語+be動詞+形容詞・名詞」
・How many~?
・not ~ any of
・There is / There are の疑問文
・There is / There areの肯定文
・一般動詞の命令文( Please )

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